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The Aftermath of 'Con

Greetings, science fans!
I know you missed us during our recent hiatus, but we’re back to bring you the latest and most exciting stories from the world of physics!

If you read our last post, you might have guessed that the Physics Central team has been doing some flying lately. A career in physics can take you all over the world (our resident Mathlete just returned from Taiwan) but this month’s adventures took us to beautiful San Diego, for the 46th Comic-Con International!

Asking yourself how on earth a bunch of physicists get sent to a comic book convention? You must not have heard of Spectra, the Laser Superhero! Spectra is an original comic series that follows the exploits of Lucinda Hene as she learns to use the powers of the laser and save the world from villainous plots, with the help of her friends! Written by a PhD physicist on staff here at APS, the comics are shipped to middle schools around the country with the aim of entertaining students, teaching some basic physics, and inspiring a passion for science. Since 2010, we’ve gone to SDCC every summer to talk about science outreach and get the word out about Spectra’s latest showdown against baddies like the evil Miss Alignment, or Lucy's nefarious swim coach Henri Toueaux. You can read all of Spectra’s adventures free online, along with our other PhysicsQuest comics, or order hard copies along with activity kits if you know a budding scientist! Who knows--if they learn to love physics, maybe someday they'll have a job that takes them to such a crazy and magical place!
Enjoy the comics, and check out some of our photos from Comic-Con 2015 below.

How many physicists does it take to put together a booth?
Miss Alignment is back in Spectra 7: High Intensity!
After a nightmare of PVC and duct tape, the Physics Central team is proud of their booth.

Dave, our illustrator, hands out comics to some new fans,
with the help of Emily, APS News' science writer!

Cosplayers abound, as James explains who we are and what we do.
You're never too young to start learning about physics!

The crowd inside the convention hall is pretty intense.

The crowd outside is even worse!

Doctor Yi Suchong shows off his genuine Edison Wax Cylinder record.

Sims love science comics!

So do delivery witches...

...and knights...

...and princesses!

I met a Left Shark...
...and saw some weird recursions...
...along with some folks trying to get their live-action Thundercats movie off the ground.
Becky, the author of Spectra, was on a few panels about science and outreach,
and Dave revealed his superpower to us! What, you think they give Legion rings to just anybody?
Hope you liked the gallery, and we hope to see you next year; same time, same place! (Booth 2207, as all our loyal fans know)


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