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Podcast: Comic-Con 2014

This week's Physics Central Podcast is all about comics! And physics! Last week, few members of the Physics Central team headed to San Diego Comic Con 2014 (we saw some awesome science costumes)  to give away free physics comics and get people excited about science. But physics and comics aren't such strange partners. This week on the podcast I talk to Simon Oliver, creator of the new comic FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics. In the world of FBP, the laws of physics are breaking down, causing things like gravity to temporarily fail in a high school school parking lot, and a bubble universe to appear in the sky above a city. 

I also talked to Larry Young, creator of the comic Astronauts in Troublea slightly futuristic tale about a the most affluent man in the world claiming ownership of the moon. The comic is largely inspired by Young's love of NASA and space flight. 

Listen to the podcast to hear more!!


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