Friday, February 28, 2014

Off to Denver!

Next week, the Physics Central team will be in Denver, Colorado helping out with this year's APS March Meeting. We hope to see some exciting news coming out of this year's meeting (look out for Roboclam). Our images and video gallery is now up. Check out some of the cool visuals that physicists have been developing over the last year!


Soap film colors are caused by thin film interference and allow the observer to know approximate thickness of the liquid membrane. Forces in the film cause some portions to become thinner and appear black. Credit: Collin Pearsall and Vivek Sharma University of IL.

A magnification of a 1mm-wide self-folded origami object. The sample shown here is made of a soft polymer gel layer that swells when placed in water bonded to stiff plastic layers. Credit: Jun-Hee Na, Thomas Hull, Christian Santangelo, Ryan C. Haywayd. 

The ant depicted on top of the superconducting circuit illustrates the relative proportions of the first macroscopic electrical circuits used for teleportation. Credit: Jonas Mlynek, ETH Zurich

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