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Top 10 Mind-Blowing Most Extreme Physics Buzz Posts for 2013

It's New Year's Eve, and that means it's time for a rundown of our top blog posts last year complete with an unnecessarily hyperbolic headline! Here's our list based on traffic numbers:
Canadian fireworks at the 2007 Malaysia International Fireworks Competition.
Image Credit: SJ Photography

10. Physics Halloween Costumes
Ideas included a Doppler shift dress and Maxwell's Demon.
9. Reinventing the Wheel?
These wobbly skateboard wheels don't live up to the pseudo-physics hype.
8. A Tour of Plasma Physics in Downtown Cambridge
Our writer, Quantum, captured this sweet photo gallery of MIT's Plasma Science and Fusion Center. 
7. The Physics is Clear on Foamy Beer
A perfect combination! 
6. NASA's Cold Fusion Folly
Will cold fusion ever take off? Not likely, says our contributor Buzz Skyline. 
5. Turn Your Phone into a Spectrometer — For Free!
Discover the spectra of colors around you with our SpectraSnapp app.
4. The 5 Most Extreme Atomic Experiments
Experiments ranging from nuclear fracking to bomb-powered rockets.
3. The Best Majors for GRE Scores in 2013: Philosophy Dominates
Physics students fared impressively as well.
2. Bad Physics, Bad Investment
Another de-bunking post. This time, it's about bicycle cranks.
1.  The Most Exciting Video of Nothing Happening: Pitch Drop Experiment in 2013
Scientists had been waiting for years for the next step in this long-running experiment.


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