Friday, October 11, 2013

Physics Halloween Costumes

Caufield Novelty's take on an Einstein Costume
We've blogged about physics Halloween costumes in the past, but too late to help anyone come up with ideas in time to actually celebrate the greatest holiday of the year.

We're going to try to remedy that this year by suggesting a few themes for your nerdy trick-or-treating garb well ahead of the big day.

I'm thinking of going as a Higgs Bozo (a clown who passes out high fat snacks to give other people mass).

Our buddy Chad Orzel came up with some conceptual physics costumes a few years ago, such as  

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (as soon as you arrive, hide in a secluded place and remain perfectly still, if anybody sees you, run really fast in a random direction)

The Pauli Exclusion Principle (two people dress in identical outfits, and refuse to be in the same room with one another, if circumstances force you to be close together, one of you must stand on your head)

And the perennial favorite Schrödinger’s Cat (wear an ordinary cat costume, but when you get to the party, go hide in a closet, when somebody opens the door to check on you, flip a coin, and if it comes up heads, pretend to be dead).

Of course you could also go with one of the many awful Einstein costumes like the one above. It wouldn't be too hard to make your own Nikola Tesla costume with a little hair gel, fake mustache and a thrift store jacket.

Blogger Mathlete is thinking of making a Doppler Shift Dress (blue in front, red in back), and blogger Qantum will probably  reprise his classic Quantum Mechanic garb.

Here are a few more suggestions from around the Physics Central offices.

Maxwell's Demon (dress in your favorite demon costume and try to get all the fastest moving people at a party to stay in the same room)

Cosmic Ray (disco dude costume and a "Hello My Name is Raymond name tag)

Right Hand Ruler (hide your left hand and dress like a monarch)

Scalar (general purpose mountain climbing gear)

Semiconductor (wear half a tux and carry a conductor's baton)

Archimedes Principal (I'm not sure what the head of a grammar school in Grecian times would have looked like, but I'm sure you can think of something)

We'll add more of these awesome ideas to the comments section as we think of them. But don't forget, Higgs Bozo is taken.


  1. Dress like a giant sausage and go as the Big Banger

  2. Instead of a semi-conductor, how about a super-conductor: tux, baton, but instead of a dress shirt a t-shirt with the Superman logo.

  3. Red shift. Dress in blue and have red streamers attached to your back half. Or dress all blue in the front and all red in the back.