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Comic-Con 2013 Photo Gallery

The Physics Central team had another successful year at Comic-Con International in sunny San Diego, CA. We distributed thousands of our Spectra comic books, reaching an audience that may otherwise miss out on the fun and excitement of physics.

We've collected some of our favorite photos from our time in the booth and exploring the weirdness of the exhibit hall. Take a look!

One of our team members fell victim to the force.
Image Credit: Mike Lucibella

One of the more colorful characters to stop by our booth.
Image Credit: Mike Lucibella
Iron Man and his girlfriend stop by.
Image Credit: Dave Ellis

"Laser James" shows off the throwies, diffraction glasses, and our free SpectraSnapp app.
Image Credit: Mike Lucibella

Our Spectra comic books author Becky Thompson (left) and illustrator Kerry Johnson (center) greet a fan.
Image Credit: Mike Lucibella
I think his crime fighting days are over.
Image Credit: James Roche
Bridging the gap between fantasy and sci-fi with Gandalf and a Star Wars friend.
Obligatory Vampire photo.
Image Credit: James Roche
Team member "Hyperspace" reflects deeply upon handing out another comic.
Image Credit: Mike Lucibella
Inflatable Teen Titans greet Comic-Con attendees outside the convention center.
Image Credit: Brian Jacobsmeyer
Kiss and their lovely friend.
Image Credit: James Roche
Those Google glasses left us stunned.
Image Credit: James Roche
Halfstache made a new robot friend.
Image Credit: James Roche
The Physics Central Comic-Con team in its entirety.
Image Credit: Dave Ellis
The Adult Swim Fun House.
Image Credit: James Roche

Comic-Con wouldn't be complete without a final jump over the shipment home.


  1. The Vampire photo is that of the Adventure Time character Marceline.

  2. Science can be so amazing at times. I remember I dropped physics in school because my professor was not a very interesting sort when it came to lectures! But if we had had put more effort in his lectures I’m sure we would have learnt much more. The Comic-con event is a spectacular example. It not only spreads information and knowledge but also creates a lot of interest for young students.



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