Monday, February 11, 2013

Bang Goes the Theory: Coming to America

There's a British invasion afoot today. The BBC science show "Bang Goes the Theory" premieres tonight on BBC America. So how does this show distinguish itself from the abundance of other educational science shows on TV today?

Part of the appeal stems from a selection of awesome experiments. In the first episode, for instance, the show's presenters experimented with an enormous vortex cannon and a fire tornado generator (something we've done in the past).

But there's more to this show than just cool experiments; the team also interviews leaders in science and technology for short magazine-style segments. The show seems like a cross between 60 minutes and Mythbusters, sprinkled with British accents.

Time will tell if this team of young, energetic science aficionados can appeal to an American audience, but I like their odds.

You can watch the show on BBC America starting tonight at 11:20 pm Eastern/10:20 pm Central time. If you watch, make sure to let us know what you think.

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  1. I understand that with gravity as a factor typical projectiles drop in the y-direction, is this the same for the vortex cannon? Also, are there any practical applications for this? Perhaps it could be used as military non-lethal weapons.