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Podcast: Best Astrophysics and Astronomy Stories of 2012

The new year is here, but some of us are still stuck on 2012. Can you blame us? It was an awesome year! The Mars Rover landed successfully! We found out that NASA technicians sometimes rock mohawks! Not to mention scientists measured the motion of distant galaxy clusters, which could help them better understand dark matter and dark energy. And somehow, two sets of space probes launched in the 1970's made it onto our list of favorite stories from 2012. Why? The Pioneer 10 and 11 space probes, launched in 1972, have been inexplicably slowing down for the last 30 years; some scientists thought the bizarre behavior was the result of strange new physics, but the mystery proved to be a bit simpler than that. And, if you have an office pool going about when the Voyager 1 space probe will pop out of the heliosheath and into interstellar space, you can cross off 2012 and start placing your bets for 2013. Listen to this week's podcast to learn more.


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