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Top 10 Physics Buzz Stories of 2012

It's been an eventful year in the world of physics. Curiosity landed on Mars, physicists found a Higgs-like particle, and ponytail physics made its popular debut. We covered these big stories in 2012, but many others proved more popular on our blog.

Here's the list of our 10 most popular blog posts of the year based on pageviews.

10. National Physics Day
Physics departments celebrated the day with fun science experiments for the public. Physics enthusiasts celebrate this unofficial holiday on April 24th.
9.  Zombie Apocalypse Survival Gear: Ham Radios
Shotguns, skillets and shovels may help you battle the undead, but don't underestimate the need for amateur radio.

8. NASA Asks for a Tractor Beam
Scientists moved small objects with the power of light – a feat straight out of Star Trek.
7. The Tasty Physics of Eating Candy
How do you make candy last longer? Physicists decided to find out.
6. Hunger Games Fashion Physics
Flaming headdresses are dangerous indeed. Just ask Physics Buzz member The Mathlete who lost a few locks experimenting for this blog post.
5. First the Higgs, Next Supersymmetry?
What's next for the LHC? Buzz team member Quantum investigated some new theoretical research coming out of Fermilab.
4.  Kodak's Nuclear "Reactor" Explained
Why did a camera company have a nuclear reactor in its basement? Well, it wasn't exactly a reactor, but the device was used for Neutron Activation Analysis.
3. Best Majors for GRE Scores: Physics and Philosophy
Want to ace the GRE's? Snag one of these majors for best results.
2. Does 5-sigma = Discovery?
Scientists had "5-sigma" results for the Higgs boson's discovery. What does that mean, and why is 5-sigma important?
1.  Physicist Uses Math to Beat Traffic Ticket
Here's a practical application for your physics education: winning in traffic court!

Thanks for reading this year physics fans! Stay tuned in 2013 for more physics fun.


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