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Comic-Con Physics Invasion

Later this week, the Physics Central Team will descend upon sunny San Diego, California for perhaps the holy grail of nerdy science and science fiction conferences: Comic Con. We'll be handing out free copies of our Spectra comic book series and catching a few of the more science-y panels at the show.

Physics and science fiction often make a great match, so we really hope a few Physics Buzz readers will be in attendance. For those adoring fans (we bloggers can dream) who stop by our both, we'll have a special surprise for you!

While everyone will be able to pick up our comic books for free, only true fans will get our special swag: a "Flirt Harder: I'm a Physicist" button you can display proudly!

As a group of physicists and physics aficionados ourselves, we can sometimes have a little trouble deciphering subtle social cues. Consequently, we need you to give us your best physics pickup line for your free button (see left for inspiration).

We'll be in booth 2207 for the entire conference (from Thursday through Sunday this week, so feel free to stop by if you have tickets. For those who won't be attending the conference, you can read all of the Spectra comic books online for free. Here's where you can read them:

  1. Spectra 1
  2. Spectra 2
  3. Spectra 3
  4. Spectra 4
  5. Tesla

Also, stay tuned to the blog throughout the week because we'll be beaming the latest physics news from comic con. Until then, I'm going to go prepare to geek out.


  1. Consequently, we need you to give us your best physics pickup line for your free button (see left for inspiration).

  2. The most popular character was the main star in the X-men film--Wolverine.comic about parenting There is sure to be a sequel for this box office smash.


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