Friday, June 29, 2012

Physics Buzz Podcast: Prometheus

This week on the Physics Buzz podcast we're talking about the summer blockbuster Prometheus!

I love picking out the science in science fiction movies! How much of the science is a reality, how much is still in our distant future, and how much is just plain wrong? This week we'll cover a few of the physics items from Prometheus. And, you can read what a few other scientists had to say about the movie, including Bad Astronomer Phil Plait, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Sean O'Connor

And, for those who want a little more information after the podcast, here's a really cool video that explains how carbon dating works on Earth. 

Enjoy the summer movies, folks, and don't get too caught up in correcting the science in science fiction films. Just know that when your friends begin to wonder if it's really possible for humans to travel to a moon 30 light years away, you'll have an answer.

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