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NASA: More Awesome Videos Like This, Please

"When people look at it, it looks crazy. That's a very natural thing. Sometimes when we look at it, it looks crazy."

-Adam Steltzner, NASA engineer working on the Mars Curiosity Rover.

Steltzner's opening lines for NASA's Mars Curiosity rover "trailer" video below may sound hyperbolic, but this video truly captures the scientific drama of this project. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory's news department has combined great visualizations, compelling interviews and an Inception-like soundtrack to sell us on the Curiosity rover.

Do yourself a favor, and watch it!

NASA and NASA enthusiasts have produced a number of beautiful, informative videos over the past couple years like the one above. Here's a glimpse at a few of our other recent favorites.

Cassini Saturn Images

Chris Abbas has compiled some of the great images from NASA's Cassini mission to Saturn and paired it with a Nine Inch Nails track. The result is a somewhat trippy tour through some of the mission's best imagery of the famously ringed planet.

You can watch the video in HD on Vimeo here.

ISS Time Lapse

You've probably seen this video before, but it's definitely worth a second viewing. Michael Konig put together several clips taken from the International Space Station over a month last fall. All together, the clips provide dazzling views of city lights, auroras and lightning storms all from a 350 km high perspective.

You should definitely check out this video on Vimeo for the fullscreen HD experience.

Solar Flares

This video of an X-class solar flare earlier this year is just one of the many beautiful images of the Sun provided by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. Check out their Youtube channel for a bunch of great videos, including many close-ups of the recent Venus transit.

Didgeridoos in Space

Now it's time for some shameless self promotion. This is one of my favorite videos from Physics Central's Science off the Sphere collection. In the video, Don Pettit fashions a makeshift didgeridoo and plays us some space tunes.


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