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Non-Newtonian Barry White

"Can't get enough of your (non-newtonian) love, babe..."

Most of the time when you think of a fluid you think of water or soda or if you are like me this evening, beer. Some more creative people may say "aha! air is a fluid!' which it is. Fluids like these examples move the in the same way no matter if you push them fast or slow. But there is a whole other class of fluids, non-newtonian fluids, that flow in different ways depending on how you make them move. A few days ago an assortment of slimes and silly putties ended up on my desk and included in that assortment was Jupiter Juice. This stuff is nothing short of awesome. It is also non-newtonian. So what was the first thing we did? Put it on a speaker and play it some Barry White.

There is one pretty famous non-newtonian fluid, oobleck. This is a mixture of corn starch and water that stiffens when asked to move quickly, but will flow like water when it is allowed to move more slowly. (I have to stop here to say that it is not a chemical interaction between the corn starch and water that causes this effect. Corn starch is made of very tiny balls and you can create the same oobleck using tiny glass spheres.) We've all seen the videos. But there are other fluids you know of that are also non-newtonian. Peanut butter and almond butter are great examples. Stop reading right now and go try and stir your peanut butter. Not easy, ehe? Stir slowly and you are fine, try and hurry up and it locks up on you. Fluids that act like this are called "sheer thickening" fluids. Ketchup is also non-newtonian except in the opposite way. It is sheer thinning. If you jiggle it, it will flow faster than if you let it move at its own pace. This is why hitting the "57" on the ketchup bottle gets the tasty red stuff on your fish sticks faster.

Because the speed at which you ask one of these crazy fluids to move affects its properties, it does some pretty cool stuff when you shake it and then change the speed and amplitude of the shaking. Putting it on a speaker causes some pretty cool patterns. Because Jupiter Juice is non-newtonian and because Buzz Skyline likes Barry White, we decided to see how Barry's voice affected this "extra terrestrial" stuff. Everything is better with some Barry.

If you want to see the patterns a little more clearly, download a strobe light app for your phone and head into a dark room. The strobe light lets you see just quick flashes and if it is at the right frequency it is much easier to see a pattern. If nothing else, this demo led to one of the best office quotes of all time, which for our office, is really saying something. "Hey! Why don't we all go in the supply closet with a strobe light, speakers, Barry White and some non-newtonian fluid!" Which is exactly what we did. For science!



    The article ‘On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies’ by Albert Einstein is based on trickeries is proved beyond any doubt whatsoever in the articles (1). ‘Experimental & Theoretical Evidences of Fallacy of Space-time Concept and Actual State of Existence of the Physical Universe’ published in the peer-reviewed journal namely Indian Journal of Science & Technology (March 2012 issue) available on (2) ‘On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies By Albert Einstein is Based on Trickeries’ (Open letter to Professors, Teachers, Researchers and Students of Physics) published in peer-reviewed journal Elixir Online Journal (February 2012 issue) available on The Voigt transformation was simply a mathematical possibility which was changed by Lorentz by introducing the Lorentz factor but the Lorentz factor is simply a manipulation. Thus nature and forces in nature were trivialized and made subservient to mathematics in the theories of relativity, Big Bang Theory, Space-time concept and in all physical sciences which are directly or indirectly based on the ‘On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies’. It is unfortunate for humanity that exposing these trickeries took more than one hundred years.

    I openly challenge all the professors, researchers & teachers of physics/philosophy of physics to come forward & show me where I am wrong or else they have to accept that they are teaching incorrect physics based on ‘trickeries’.

    My challenge may not be treated as a publicity stunt but I sincerely wish that truth should prevail on this planet and am expecting identical response from all truth loving people/intellectuals. I do understand that it is hard for mainstream physicists to reconcile with the alternative philosophy; though actual and factual; as almost all the living physicists and researchers are borne, brought up and taught physics which is fundamentally incorrect. Their livelihood is based on the physics which has been adopted as the result of fraud, but these material interests should never be a stumbling block to acknowledge the reality, which to my understanding is the essence of scientific thinking and honest living for the betterment of entire human society.

    I have not an iota of doubt that sooner or later the truth will prevail, but it would be in the interest of humanity that ‘truth’ is accepted now so that humanity comes out of clutches of materialism which in itself is naked atheism.

    Mohammad Shafiq Khan,
    (M.Sc. Physics)
    (M.Sc. Forestry)

  2. The video of people running over the pool of oobleck is awesome!


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