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March Meeting Images

The APS March Meeting has arrived. About 10,000 attendees from around the world have gathered in Boston to participate in this massive physics conference. Over 8,000 research talks will be presented, and many of them have beautiful accompanying images and videos.

So to start off the week, here's a glimpse into the aesthetic side of the March Meeting.

Soap Memory

A soap bubble trapped in a colorful configuration. Image courtesy Denis Terwagne.
Experiments show that soap bubbles can become stuck in colorful configurations. This soap memory can be demonstrated through a triangular prism.

Related Talk: Memory effects in soap film arrangements

Nanowire Hay Bales

Scanning electron micrograph of iron-titanium nanowires. Image courtesy Pegah M. Hosseinpour, Northeastern University.

Researchers have incorporated iron into minuscule nanotubes. These nanotubes look like hay bales and may lead to new nanostructures with useful magnetic, semiconducting, and catalytic properties.

Related Talk: Magnetism in iron-titanium oxide nanostructures

Glassy Energy Landscapes

Glass artwork demonstrates a rugged energy landscape. Image courtesy Ariel Amir (Harvard University), Yuval Oreg and Yoseph Imry. (Weizmann Institute of Science).
This close-up image of glass artwork illustrates its rugged energy landscape. Scientists applied electric fields to glassy objects to better understand their memory effects and aging process.

Related Talk: Slow Reactions in glasses: full aging and beyond

Magnetic Christmas Tree

A snapshot of magnetic flux at super cold temperatures. Image courtesy W.A. Ortiz et al., DF/UFSCar, Brazil..
Using a magneto-optical imaging technique, scientists have captured sudden avalanches of magnetic flux on a superconducting film. In superconductors, their electrical resistance drops to zero after reaching a unique critical temperature. The images for this superconducting film were captured at 268 degrees Celsius
below zero.

Related Talk: Threshold current critical density to trigger flux avalanches in superconducting thin films

You can find even more images on the APS 2012 March Meeting image gallery.


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