Friday, July 01, 2011

Singing Bowls, Singing Trees

There's a really cool article from BBC News today about Tibetan singing bowls and how they do what they do. The best part, though, is the high-speed video:

Thanks to the high-speed video, we can see that the Tibetan singing bowls can make water droplets bounce on the water's surface. As the water in the bowl vibrates, it creates waves that are bound by the sides of the bowl.

The bowl changes shape slightly as it is played which makes different wave patterns. The chaos of the various wave patterns interacting with one another causes droplets to form, some of which can bounce on the surface of the water.

Hearing the singing bowl makes me think of another singing work of art:

Have a singing weekend!


  1. Great video! i have never seen like this..Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great video! Maybe I should post a video using a much older and larger Tibetan singing bowl?