Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dance of the Levitron

It's a bit of a mystery just who Mr. Kent is. His website is, to say the least, a bit chaotic and unclear. It appears that he's a chemistry teacher, perhaps at Grant Park High in Manitoba, or perhaps not (there's no one named Mr. Kent on the staff list).

I suppose it doesn't really matter - I just happen to dig his video. It's a little silly, a little artsy, a little physicsy, and generally fun, especially when he swallows the demo.

Now that I think about it, Mr. Kent kind of reminds me of my high school chem teacher, who we called Mr. K (because we couldn't pronounce his real Slavic name). That's cool because I recall that Mr. K did a lot more to inspire me to study physics than my actual high school physics teacher did.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Kent, whoever you are.

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