Tuesday, April 12, 2011

100 Years of Superconductivity

[Physicsworld.com video about superconductivity from the 2011 APS March Meeting]

Paul Michael Grant was a physicist working for IBM when his colleagues in Zurich discovered the first high-temperature superconductor in 1986. Grant, who worked for IBM's Almaden labs in California, has become a proponent of using superconductors for electricity distribution since leaving IBM in 1993.

Physicsworld.com's Hamish Johnston spoke with Grant at the 2011 APS March Meeting in Dallas about the commercial applications of superconductors. The centennial of the discovery of the superconductor was celebrated at this year's meeting.

For more, check out the original physicsworld.com article.


  1. More on the work of the Nobel Laureates is being honored today, since its the 25th anniversary.

    Check out the video:

  2. @Christopher - Great video! Thanks for sharing!