Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flaky Photos

Caltech physicist Kenneth Libbrecht is truly a renaissance researcher. He works on the LIGO project to detect gravitational waves from space, develops teaching equipment for classrooms, and photographs snow. I'm sure he deserves awards for all the things he does, but it's the snow photos that won him the most recent Lennart Nilsson Award for scientific photography.

I could tell you a bit about his work, but he's already done such a great job with his website, Snow Crystals and his new book, The Secret Life of a Snowflake: An Up-Close Look at the Art and Science of Snowflakes, that I think you should just check them our for yourself.

In particular, I highly recommend the many movies of artificial snowflakes growing in Libbrecht's lab, and my personal favorite portion of his website, the Guide to Frost.

It's a little early yet to be thinking of snow falling from the sky here in Maryland, but Libbrecht's photos have given me an early chill.

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