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Don't be jealous of these physicists' boogie.

Long ago the Buzz Blogger, Agent Utah, challenged me to write a post on Ru Paul's Drag Race that fit the theme of the Physics Buzz Blog which is more or less about, well physics. She fulfilled her end of the challenge with an amazing piece on Project Runway. She is in fact a professional writer. So after many months of procrastinating and traveling to physics conferences I have stepped up to the challenge.

While I doubt that I can match wits with the awesome Agent Utah, this post will definitely change the way we look at physicists. That being said I should also mention that this will be my last post on the Buzz Blog. Yep, I'm heading off to math land. So what other way than to go out with a bang... a fabulous bang.Every Monday night this last spring, my friends and I would religiously huddle around the magical glowing rectangle at 9pm for Ru Paul's Drag Race on the LOGO channel. Even though the season triumphantly ended months ago, Ru Paul being the genius that she is, created the Dragulator.

What other way to demonstrate the intersection of physics and Ru Paul's Drag Race than to dragulate some fantastic, I mean FABULOUS physicists.Oh yes I did! And I hope this encourages you to dragulate your favorite physicists and comment with a link to your fabulous creation.
Time to lip sync for your life!

By day he is tackling the world enrgy crisis but by night she is Chu On This!

Hawking Radiance is her name and black holes are her game.

A minute with your hand on a hot stove will seem like an hour but an hour with Diva Relativa will seem like a minute.

And finally Isaac Newton. Oh that's how he normally dressed. Way to be ahead of your time -very fabulous!


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