Monday, June 07, 2010

Physics, Phast Cars and Breaking Glass

The Lexus LFA is a nice enough ride, I suppose. What's not to like about 500 horsepower supercars? 'Course, it has too few seats for me (only two). Oh yeah, it also costs $375,000!!!! But that doesn't mean this video about the physics behind the LFA ad isn't still really cool.

What I need now is a behind-the-scenes explanation of why you have to make ads to sell an ultra expensive, very limited production supercar. Do oil Sheikhs watch much TV?


  1. How puerile! I cannot understand how such people can take themselves seriously - except for money,of course...

    Perhaps they could use the engine's frequencies to clean up BP's mess! Disgusting! A "new definition" of stupidity, indeed, greed and waste too.

  2. Forgot "fatuousness." I would hide my head in shame! Who'e paying for this" The cusomet, naturally.

  3. I love fast cars. Yes they're puerile, but I feel like we're all due a bit of youthful indiscretion every now and then. The price on this thing is absurd, and the commercial is nuts. Professor Johnson is pretty cool though, and she handled the odd request from Lexus with style.