Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ten Great Stories from the American Chemical Society Meeting that DON'T involve Cold Fusion

I can't attest to the validity of any of these fascinating breakthroughs reported at the American Chemical Society meeting going on this week in San Francisco, but I also don't immediately see that any of them fly in the face of firmly established science.

So, here are ten things you could learn about at the ACS meeting other than cold fusion, starting with . . .

1. Inhalable Insulin

2. Preventing glaucoma with contact lenses embedded with vitamin E, and a test to detect the disease sooner

3. Saving the planet with hair conditioner

4. New radiocarbon dating does less damage to antiquities

5. New menstrual cramp drug goes to clinical trials

6. Smart roofs to save energy

7. Test detects three diseases that torment the developing world

8. Treating prostate tumors with walnuts

9. Detecting fake wine vintages by measuring atomic bomb residue

10. Safer sunscreen and other products from soybeans

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