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Call for April Fool's Day Headlines!

April Fools day is rapidly approaching, and we here at Physics Buzz always look forward to the opportunity to make up our own reality; i.e. write fake physics news headlines. And never fear - this year will feature our regular roll of spoofs.

[Photo: Steven Chu]

But this year we thought we'd open the flood gates and give YOU, our dear readers, the chance to participate!

Send us a funny/clever/interesting/foolish physics headline and/or photo caption to feature on Physics Buzz on April Fools day. You can come up with your own headline and short (SHORT) story from scratch, or create a caption for one of the photos we've posted here or at the Physics Central facebook page in the album Headline Pictures.

[Photo: Edison]:

Post your headlines and comments in the comments section of the blog, or on the Physics Central facebook main page.

You'll be able to see everyone's headlines in the comments, and on Thursday we'll post our favorites!

We've trained you the best we could, readers. Now go, and fulfill your destinies!

[Photo: the lab]:
[Image courtesy of Urcomunicacion]

[Photo: the machine]:
More photos on Facebook! Go to the PhysicsCentral profile and view the photo album: Headline Pictures.


  1. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu Awkwardly Sprouts Third Hand During Interview

  2. Edison responds to abandonment of DC Current by electric companies: "Well, shit."

    With the announcement that electric companies would supply the general public with AC current despite Edison's extravagant attempts to have them use his beloved DC current, the famous scientist leaned grumpily on some thing he was working on and refused to smile for photographers. "Of course I'm pissed," said Edison.

    He was later caught mumbling, "Waste of a perfectly good elephant..."

  3. Anonymous: good eye! I laughed a little too hard!

    Photo Chu: Your questions are getting a little too personal.

    Photo Edison: I don't use any of this stuff. I'm in the front office.

    Photo Lab: The hard part about being in a 1968 physics lab is that I can't cut my hair. How would it look 30 years from now if we didn't ALL have long hair?

    Photo The Machine: To get to the simple physics, the most complicated engineering is required.


  4. [photo: Steven Chu] That's 'Steven' with a v and 'Chu' with a u and bureaucracy with a crazy set of rigid rules and complex regulations.

  5. [Photo: Edison] "AC, eh? Give me a break! Give me an effing interruption in a circuit's flow of electricity!"

  6. [photo: The Lab] "It's dull now, but later we'll drink a little wine, have a little fun, get down tonight."

  7. This University has never advanced at such an accelerated pace. Our
    physicists and mathematicians have spent endless days and nights, exhausting
    every avenue in this expedition, this reevaluation of counting. This new
    discovery will revolutionize every facet of our daily existence. We are now
    projecting by 7:00pm, April1, 2010, we will have a new method of getting
    from one to ten.


  8. [Edison]

    "... And I would have gotten away with direct current too if it weren't for that meddling Tesla!"

  9. [The Machine]

    Pictured here is the very latest in automatic apple peeling technology.

  10. End of World Postponed until Monday

    A lead physicist at the Large Hadron Collider has postponed scheduled production of Earth-eating black holes until Monday, April 5 because he has a hot date Friday night, and believes he might get lucky for the first time since joining the largest physics collaboration in history.

  11. [The Lab]

    Scientists are busy in the lab working to answer some of the fundamental questions of the universe. Namely: Why all particle physicists in movies are depicted wearing lab coats. Apparently the irony eludes them.


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