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APS "April" Meeting Round Up

Hey folks,
Washington DC is still recovering from the ceremonial snow burial it underwent last week, and already another storm is blowing in. When I was out last night, I saw dump trucks hauling snow out of the city because there's no room for it, and a number of cars that look like they will become petrified if their owners don't dig them out soon. I don't know if my bus will be able to leave tomorrow morning, but today I'm warm and cozy here at the APS "April" Meeting (being held this weekend which, do not panic, is not April). I'll probably have plenty of things to rant and rave about once we've wrapped up, but for now please enjoy some of the amazing coverage by the visiting journalists. So grab some hot coco and enjoy the science!

RHIC measures the hottest temperature EVER!
(Lots and lots of places are covering this. Exciting stuff!)

Mysterious Origin of Cosmic Rays Pinned Down (

Powerful Collider Set to Smash Protons (LHC operating at 7 GeV) (Science News)

Just how often are you hit by a neutrino? And other great posts at symmetrybreaking.

Atom smasher shows volume of space in a twist (more neat news from RHIC). (New Scientist)

Dusty Mirrors on the Moon Obscure Tests of Relativity (New Scientist)

Photo: AP


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