Friday, February 20, 2009

Physics Across America

Spring break season is fast approaching which means one thing. ROAD TRIP!!! Never fear because physics is everywhere you go. Remember that when you . . .

Try something new in Experiment Georgia

Hurry to Speed Kansas

Recharge in Energy Illinois

Get electrified in Kilowatt California

It may shock you to learn that there's a Volt Montana

I bet you can't resist going to Ohm California

Definitely take a look through Telescope Pennsylvania

Just don't get too steamed in Boiling Point California

Blast off to Mars Pennsylvania, Jupiter North Carolina, Saturn Texas or Pluto West Virginia

Are you feeling pulled to Gravity Pennsylvania

Catch some rays in Gamma Missouri

Don't get caught up too long in Vortex Kentucky

What have you heard about Echo Utah

I've always felt pulled to Magnet Georgia

It can get pretty intense in Bright Star Alabama

Connect the dots in Constellation Arizona

I hope you don't feel too pressured in Gas City Indiana

Families can bond in Atomic City Idaho

Don't be too negative about Electron Washington

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