Friday, February 27, 2009

Fermi Problem Friday

Fermi Problem Friday

Movies movies movies. Movies are fun. You sit back, relax and entertainment erupts right before your eyes. That reminds me, the new Jonas Brothers movie is coming out soon.
Oh how I digress. Anyhow, you often feel hungry or sleepy during the film. Hunger is your body's way of telling you that the tummy meter is running on empty. And sleepy is the result of insufficient fuel in the tummy tank. Movies theaters know this about your body and that is why they offer a variety of delicious items: everything from popcorn to Swedish Fish. You don't want to be caught snoring by the significant friend/person next to you.

This brings us to our Fermi Problem:
How much energy do you get from digesting one piece of popcorn. Assuming you went for all the buttery yummyness. And how many pieces does it take to give you enough energy for the duration of the film. Assume it's not the Jonas Brothers. That might take more.
Popcorn being as expensive as it is at theaters and with economy the way it is, this is a very important question.

Funfact: Movie theaters make more money on concessions than ticket sales.

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