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Physics is Cool

Greetings to all. The name's Quantum and I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to the loyal readers of Physics Buzz out there.

Starting today I'll be the newest contributor here at Physics Central to help publicize the most buzz-worthy news of the physics world. Why am I so pumped to be able to sign on with the team?

Because physics is cool. Really cool.

Physics is one of the fields of study that is constantly changing and evolving. Scientists are always discovering new things from the astronomical to the quantum level. Each discovery brings us closer to a complete model of what is going on in the universe. Whatever this ultimate picture may turn out to be, one thing is for sure, science fact is already stranger than science fiction.

Sometimes physics is criticized for being too insular, too stodgy and completely incomprehensible for anyone without an advanced degree in rocket science. It's true that science can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Everything from switching on your TV to riding a bike is full of physics, concepts everyone can relate to.

It's exciting to be here in the middle of such a dynamic field. Being able to see both how physics affects our lives today and where it's going in the future is electrifying. You'll read here about the most interesting, cutting edge and earthshaking science stories all based on one simple premise:

Physics is cool.


  1. Welcome Quantum. Cycling is cool. I'd love to learn more. UKen-Worcester.

  2. I'm a heavily tattooed punk who is currently working towards his Doctorate in Astrophysics. I say YES! PHYSICS IS COOL!


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