Friday, November 14, 2008

Fermi Problem Friday

Ironically, the Fermi Problem Task Force was unable to post a Fermi problem last week because we traveled to Fermi Lab for the 2008 Congress of the Society of Physics Students. I highly recommend a visit and tour of Fermi Lab if you are ever near Chicago. However, with further ado, allow me to present this week's Fermi Problem:

I was riding my bike to the Physics Central headquarters yesterday morning while it was raining. By the time I arrived, I was wearing more water than clothes. During this wet cycling endeavor, there were two thoughts bouncing around in my head:

1. I realized that I was very thirsty.
2. I also wondered (this is the Fermi problem) how many rain drops could I catch in my mouth throughout my 15 min ride?

As usual, leave comments with your creative deductive solutions.

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