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Highlights from the Blogosphere

Chaotic Utopia
Karmen points to a nifty online game called Vector Park, where users can, for instance, practice hanging various objects to be balanced on hangers.

Uncertain Principles
Chad's dog Emmy has a few questions about special and general relativity.

In science, failure is often how we make progress. 

Built on Facts
Phun with physics genealogies.

The Perfect Silence
It's all about the electrolytes...

Swans on Tea
Some painful reminders of what happens when you fail to keep the center of mass above the supports.

Shores of the Dirac Sea
In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, an explanation of how much a wooden plank will bend given the weight of a person.

Cosmic Variance
Julianne does her part to spread an astronomical Internet meme.

A Blog Around the Clock
Should be required reading for everyone participating in the blogosphere.


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