Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Highlights from the Blogosphere

"What (Not) To Say When You Meet a Physicist"

Swans on Tea
Resident: "If I let you in, you'll teach me physics!"
Burglar: "No, ma'am, I just want to ransack the flat."
Resident: "Alright." (opens door)


The Perfect Silence
Oh, no, he didn't! In defense of planetariums.

Scott Aaronson takes issue with Ray Kurzweil's future predictions: "If the singularity ever does arrive, I expect it to be plagued by frequent outages and terrible customer service."

Twisted Physics
Comedian Brian Regan on what it was like watching The Elegant Universe on NOVA.

Uncertain Principles
They're everywhere in the physics blogosphere!

Skulls in the Stars
In defense of reason and expertise.

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