Friday, August 15, 2008

Highlights from the Blogosphere

This week's good reads:

WWdN: In Exile
Wil Wheaton goes roller-skating with his offspring and learns that Newton's laws of motion aren't limited to science class.

The Guardian/Improbable Research column
Find out why "crunchiness declines in the presence of a soggifying liquid."

JPL Blog
Josh Willis talks about climate change, randomness, and why it's a bad idea to bet against global warming.

Science Fair
The National Science Foundation created this set of 11 True/False questions. Give it a try!

Twisted Physics
The subatomic particles now have a Bill of Rights.

Brian Greene talks about the concept of multiple parallel universes.

Huffington Post
USC's Marty Kaplan 'fesses up to his true feelings for that big ol' accelerator in Switzerland.

Peter McGready
See what Kaplan's all passionate about with this virtual tour of the LHC by photographer Peter McCready

Built on Facts
Just what is the temperature inside your microwave oven when you're nuking that frozen dinner?

Funky ferromagnetic art.

Swans on Tea
Just how much of your favorite caffeinated beverage would it take to prove fatal? Plug your weight and poison of choice into this handy "Death by Caffeine" online calculator to find out! And click here to find out the time frame used for the calculation of consumption.

LA Times Technology Blog
Video games you can play with your thoughts... and some well-placed electrodes.

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