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Highlights from the Blogosphere

The Top Ten Posts you might have missed this past holiday weekend:

Cocktail Party Physics
Does the camera really add 10 pounds?

Space Disco
Next time you're gazing at a sunset, watch for Nature's nod to Roy G Biv.

Dynamics of Cats
Everything we are could be stored in a mere million terabytes.

The Quantum Pontiff
His Holiness offers a tongue-in-cheek account of his personal experiences with the direction of time.

Built on Facts
Why we need precision tests of our units of measurement.

Nanoscale Views
What's the difference between good and bad scientific results?

The Guardian UK
"Lapsed scientist" Chris Morris's amusing account of his field trip to the LHC.

Skulls in the Stars
The title pretty much says it all. You celebrate the Fourth your way, he'll celebrate it his way.

Utne Reader
They got your "Two Cultures" right here...

Centauri Dreams
Space propulsion without the propellant, using momentum from the sun's photons.


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The Science of Ice Cream: Part One

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