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Cool Stuff from the Blogosphere

A sampling of some of the cool science-y stuff zipping around the blogosphere this week:

SEED Magazine
Ever wonder what goes on at your lab after dark? This photo essay can tell you.

First Science
It's summer, so why not delve a little into the science of sandcastles? (via Swans on Tea)

A report on Michio Kaku's fascinating plenary talk at the AAPT meeting this past week.

Holy Juan
#4: Cross your arms and give your future self a disapproving look.

Science Fair
The ants go marching one by one, and now all those cars on the freeway can follow suit.

Twisted Physics
Hugh Everett III's rock musician son revisits his father's Many Worlds theory in upcoming NOVA special.

Bad Astronomy
Phil Plait answers an excellent question.

Cosmic Ray
Because every crowd has a Doubting Thomas...

Skulls in the Stars
New study finds evidence for the obvious.

Stefan celebrates the centenary of the first liquefaction of that most noble of gases, helium.


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