Friday, May 16, 2008

Spaceroach Birthdays

A "pet project" of Russian space scientists has recently experienced the joys of motherhood.

Born in space, 30 cockroaches (dubbed spaceroaches) spent 12 days in orbit before returning to earth. The roach babies are descendants of grandmother cockroach Nadezhda (meaning "hope, and is actually the original derivative of my name, Nadia. Guess I should be flattered.).

The first in history to be conceived in space, in an orbiting laboratory named Foton-M, Nadezhda's children, despite maturing at a faster rate than normal, created spaceroaches that show no "freak" characteristics.

Obviously being stuck in orbit must be romantic, experiencing weightlessness as you slightly escape the pull of earth's gravity, constantly falling around the earth, and the earth tugging down at your spacecraft.

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