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Outrunning an Avalanche on a Snowboard

Is it possible to snowboard to safety in front of an avalanche?

Popular Science magazine says no, but I say yes. Check out my latest post on Extreme Sports Physics to see who you believe.

I wouldn't suggest that anyone try it. In fact, after watching a few videos of people swallowed up by avalanches, I would recommend that everyone stick to the trails and slopes in parks that have been cleared of all avalanche hazards. Death by avalanche seems an unpleasant way to go, to say the least.

I couldn't bring myself to include any of the YouTube clips of people being caught in avalanches (as an avid snowboarder, they give me the creeps), but here's a pretty cool video of a few avalanches being triggered by helicopter.

Helicopter Induces An Avalanche - Watch more funny videos here


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