Friday, October 12, 2007

It's all about the Magnus force, baby!

In the physics world, we like to say that you can do anything with a degree in physics. You can be a doctor, lawyer, stockbroker, musician, artist, engineer, teacher... you can even be the winning pitcher in the opening game of the National League Championship Series! That's right, we're going to bask in some of the glory of yet another fantastic post-season pitching effort by lefty Jeff Francis of the Colorado Rockies. Way to go Jeff!

Image credit: Jamie Schwaberow/Rich Clarkson and Associates, LLC

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  1. Physicsbabe: I love your posts and your insights but on this one I have to ask: How would you feel if someone said he or she could be a physicist with their law, humanities or other degree or background?

    Research William Shockley to find out why some physicists should just stay physicists.