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A Knotty Problem: Curly Hair vs. Straight

My sisters always wanted curly hair, but they were cursed with fine, straight blond hair from the Scandinavian part of our ancestry.

But I've known lots of people with curly hair who wished their hair was straight. Overall, I assumed it was just one of those things where the grass is always greener on the other side.

Well it seems I was wrong. Apparently the grass is truly greener -- on the curly side of the fence (no matter what you curly-haired folks say).

According to research published in the August 2007 American Journal of Physics, curly hair is less likely to get tangled than straight hair.

Jean-Baptiste Masson of the Laboratory for Optics and Biosciences at the Ecole Polytechnique in France developed a theory to describe hair tangling and confirmed his results by asking French hairdressers to count tangles in different types of hair that they encountered at work. (I wonder how he managed to track down enough hairdressers in Paris . . . oh, wait a minute, never mind.)

Masson hopes his hair research will help him as he develops hairy products related to velcro. I'm just glad, after all these years of complaining about their hair, my sisters have finally been proven right (speaking as a big brother now, I believe it may be the first time they've been right about anything). As they always claimed -- Curly hair is better, at least as far as tangles are concerned.


  1. I am proud of my curly hair, but it does get knotty, even though straight, after few hours of washing it.


  2. I would like to have curly hair rather a straight one. I’m searching for the best information so that it would be beneficial for me. I got good information about all hair related problems with preventive information from

  3. You must be crazy curly hair tangles much faster than than straight hair. Once you leave the shower it tangles. What kind of study is this. It is common sense.

  4. i dont like my hair at all its straight and it gets knotty and it refuses to curl i wouldnt mind it if it would knot so easily and i could curl it without it falling out ten seconds later!!!

  5. Thank you to everyone that likes curly hair it really is supporting becuase my hair is naturally curly but i want it to be straight. I wish i could appreciate it more :(

  6. ive got extremly curly hair thank you very much and becase i take good care of it, it does not tangle one little bit i can brush it with my own exaggeration thats how healthy my hair dont you say curly hair tangles more because YOU have no common sense...

  7. check

  8. my hair is natrually curly, and extremely so, and i've had people ask if i'm part black before! there is no possible way that straight hair tangles more because i went to the hair salon yesterday andby the time my stylist had finished brushing my hair the lady next to me had come, had her hair washed, brushed, hilighted, and blowdried. she was leaving by the time my hair was tangle free! i was there for over an hour and thirty minutes and 45 minutes of it or more was simply brushing my hair!

  9. i love curly hair!i used to hate mine earlier because everyone i met seemed to have this pencil-straight hair which they put soooooo much work into doing i kind of used to feel inferior.
    but later i decided i didnt want to be a mind-less sheep in the flock and felt happy with what i had...
    and with the confidence i gained,people started complimenting my curly hair more and more =)

  10. Many hair creams are available in the market to straight the curly hairs. The two common Techniques of hair transplantation are using in now days that are Follicular unit transplantation and Follicular unit extraction. The follicular unit transplantation is an older technique. It is used to extract the hair in balding area. The follicular unit extraction method is more recent.
    The greatest benefit of this technique is that patients can cut their hair short.

  11. I have curly hair to (: I just despite my hair each day bc it takes to long to do and u must put products in ur hair!But if u don't care what others think of u then u don't have to pur products in ur hair!GO WITH A AFRO!(: i mean straight hair is nice but u can do so much more with curly.(: For God said that Everyone is BEAUTIFUL (: For those who despite their curly hair we should totally bring out our inner curls!Instead of keeping them in hb having ur curls out instead of seeing straight hair each day -.-JUST GOT WITH THE FLOW (:

  12. i love my curly hair!
    curly hair is much better coz you can do more stuff wif it. sraight hair is DULL:(

    FROM Lil-Lady

  13. I am proud of my curly hair , but to tell you, I do wish I had straight hair.Another thing, It actually is true that the grass is always greener on the other side, here's your proof.We all wish we had something else, but in reality i'm very sorry to tell you but, we can't change our natural roots. We should just accept the way god made us, and live our lives without telling ourselves we're ugly or i don't know, hideous. Because truly we are all beautiful even if we don't believe it, we are.

  14. Hey guys! I have super curly hair because I'm Guyanese (basically mixed with Indian and African). To all you curly haired girls out there, be proud of your curly hair! I've never once straightened it and never will. ~Curly for life~

  15. I also have curly hair & even though ppl say tht u need 2 straighten ur hair b4 curling or crimping it, thts not true. for ex., when I curl my hair, i put no product in it & it can stay 4 like 3 days. + u dont need 2 get a perm 4 it 2 look naturally curly :) i <3 my curly hair ;)

  16. Hey there I have really curly hair that offten gets knotted but I dont want to apply any heat to it . I want that full natural look but I just dont no how to get my hair in that full natural look I have brakeage that I try to keep under control but it seems like nothing works. can any one help me ?


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