Thursday, July 26, 2007

Left handed metric screwdriver

Back when I was working on ion accelerators in the lab, we never had enough of these around. It'll probably be a problem until we finally switch to the metric system altogether. KaleCo, the company that sells them, mostly supplies car tools, parts and accessories. They point out that the screwdriver is perfect for "loosening screws on the right side of the vehicle, or tightening screws on the left side of the vehicle."

Another item that would come in handy for all those seemingly never-ending experiments would have been a few of these round tuits. I can't tell you how many technicians have told me they would finish a job if they could only get one. I had no idea they cost $125.99 (plus shipping)! Maybe that's why they were so hard to find.



  1. Does it really matter if you use left handed or right handed metric screwdriver? Some people do not know the difference between this two stuff.

  2. Well, you'd have trouble setting the proper angle if the screwdriver was designed to go right and you needed the screw to go left.

  3. And, of course, you have to make sure the screw driver is in metric radians and not standard degrees.

  4. For me, both are usable in either hand. However they do design them with the optimal grip for a left or right handed person. So if it is your profession and will be using them constantly daily, then getting the proper fitting is key.