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Preview the Big Bang Theory

I came across the trailer for the Big Bang Theory sitcom today. Looks worse than I expected.

Big Bang Theory was one of the most highly sought-after comedies at this year's LA Screenings, and we are excited to be partnering with C4 in the UK for the premiere of this funny and insightful mass-appeal series that will play to all demographics.
-Jeffrey R Schlesinger from Warmer Bros, quoted in Chortle

This can't be good.


  1. Watch the pilot and give it a chance. All the critics who have seen the whole pilot think it is one of the funniest pilots they have seen in a while.

    The show has already been picked up in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., which shows the networks think it will be a hit.

    It is very funny. Give it a chance.

  2. I thought I would hate the whole idea, but I kinda like it.

    The dumb blond thing is a bit overdone. I wish she was less like a Marilyn Monroe character and more like Grace of "Will and Grace."

    But I thought the physicists were good caricatures of people I've met at meetings and in physics departments. If they can successfully add dimension to the caricatures, both of the physicists and the dumb blond, it might be a great show.


  3. It was mildly amusing. I didn't laugh aloud during the trailer although the laugh track found all the jokes hilarious. Maybe I just hate laugh tracks.

    Is this already on the air? Where do I find this allegedly redeeming pilot?

  4. Oh yeah. Laugh tracks. That's why I hate 2.5 Men, Everyone Loves Raymond, and lots of other sitcoms.

    Scrubs and The Office are SOOOOO much better for not having laugh tracks.


  5. I'll definitely give it a shot! It's just that the "stereotypical physicist" image is already old to me...

  6. I work as a camera assistant on 2.5 M3n and I also worked on the pilot for The Big Bang Theory.

    Both of these shows were shot in front of a live audience at the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, California.

    I know the editor Joe Bella may sweeten the audience mix a fraction but for the most part you are hearing the audience react genuinely. There is no artificial "laugh track" as a few of you here seem to think.

    I can say that the pilot for Big Bang was one of the finest I've had the pleasure of working on after more than eleven years shooting multi-camera shows. We begin shooting 12 episodes late in August.


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