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Geek Jewelry

Thoughts by Delight and Peter Edgell

Two high school girls shrieked "Oh boy, geek jewelry" rushing to our booth at the 2005 International Science Fair. We just smiled.

Yeah, we make geek jewelry. It's inspired by the beauty of the Solar System, the joy of understanding a balanced chemical equation, and the exquisite structure of the DNA molecule.

When she taught middle school science, Delight referred to NASA's planet posters on her classoom walls as her "jewels". Upon retirement, she made her Solar System necklace because she "would have killed for it" when she was teaching.

Roadkill was the inspiration for one of Pete's necklaces--the black, yellow, and red bands of an Arizona Coral Snake looked just like a necklace lying there on the pavement.

Customer requests have led to new designs such as the Summer Triangle Necklace which was made for a bride to wear at her wedding ceremony in China.

We have resisted many offers to sell our necklaces in gift shops. A large part of our reward is the direct contact with our customers. We meet so many interesting people doing what we do. Their appreciation of our work gives us great satisfaction. We do have a website because people asked for it. Find us at

Necklaces shown: Gold Solar Delight (Top L), Photosynthesis (Top R), Coral Snake (Bottom L), DNA (Bottom R)


  1. These are absolutely beautiful! I would LOVE to own one of these!

  2. Geek Jewelry are very elegant and beautiful and demanding in all over the world. I went to China last year from there i bought some China Jewellery from there, they were cheap but they felt black after some time, don't know what's the problem. I like to buy one form these necklaces, what's the price of one necklace. Thanks for sharing


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