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Interesting reads for the day...

Water Pistol of the Sea I'm not much into fish, but how can you not love one that shoots water at prey up to 1-m above its head and then catches it as it falls? The movie is SO COOL! (You can find another movie here that is not as cool, but is set to music!)

Fixed Earth Yep, you read it right - fixed earth. This self-proclaimed "non-moving Earth & anti-evolution web page of The Fair Education Foundation, Inc." site explains that the earth doesn't revolve around the sun or rotate...and it explains how a fixed earth disproves evolution...

*I don't advertise this site to promote it nor to make fun of it, but I think every science enthusiast should be aware that people with these beliefs are still around.

Rising ACT Scores The national scores are on the rise...this article talks a little about what that means. I found the 2006 ACT scores by state to be interesting - though be careful in comparing state to state because they're not normalized by the % of students that took the test (in the sense that some states require all students to take it and others don't). But seriously, what is with DC? Anyone know if SAT scores also increased?


  1. I just discoverd your blog and have enjoyed all your posts. Best wishes, and be careful not to fall off the Earth.

  2. Thanks! We're having fun, still figuring out the whole blog thing :) Be sure to visit again.

  3. You know, it's hard to tell, but it looks like one fish shoots the fly and a differnt one eats it.

    Is there no justice?

  4. what an ugly site. its may be true anyway just not in this world

  5. Re: Fixed As long as we are going to
    outlaw evolution and Copernican astronomy in
    favor of young earth creationism, why should we
    stop there. After all the idea of a spherical
    Earth is just as anti-God and anti-christian as
    the idea that the Universe is billions of years
    old, that living things evolve and that the
    Earth turns on its axis. The idea that the Earth
    is a sphere should be banned, and all schools,
    colleges and universities should be required to
    teach that the Earth is flat and shaped like a
    coin, not like a ball. And anyone who denies
    this, as well as anyone who claims that the Earth
    is more than 6000 years old, that life has
    evolved, or that the Earth does rotate and orbit
    the Sun should be publicly burned at the stake.

    With much sarcasm, drosent288


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