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Einstein@Home Art Computer

How nerdy am I? I'll give you a hint - I do physics in my sleep. Specifically, I built a custom computer that runs the distributed computing project Einstein@Home 24 hours a day. You can see the project's ultra cool screensaver running in this photo.

The computer hangs on the wall behind my desk. I like to think of it as a kind of art installation. I call it "AMD Outside."

Here's a picture of it in the dark.

It has the following stylish bits: an AMD Athlon 64-bit 3700+ processor, a dedicated Linux drive, a dedicated Windows Drive, a shared Linux/Windows drive, a DVD-RW drive with the cover taken off so you can see the DVD spin (my son did that while I was at work), a persistence of vision display on the CPU cooling fan that constantly shows the temperature, a dual core processor capable mother board so I'll be able to upgrade when I have the cash, a power supply with a transparent cover so you can see the power transistors and monster sized capacitors, 1 Gigabyte of RAM with integrated LEDs that show how hard it's working on Einstein@Home, a TV card, a web cam so that I can check in on Shiner (my Australian Shepherd who suffers from epilepsy) while I'm at work, fluorescent cabling and custom phosphorescent paint along with 2 black lights to make it all glow in the dark, and a flexible neon light to decorate the otherwise boring drives.

I built this with the pieces left over after I fried my previous CPU by overclocking it WAY too much to get extra credits on Einstein@Home.

One advantage is that it is frees up valuable floor space in my tiny town house. It is also quiet - I used to run the overclocked machine in a case with seven fans in addition to the CPU fan and the two power supply fans. It sounded like a Cessna landing in the living room. Now it's almost totally silent and cooled by natural convection in the room.


  1. You have the coolest home computer ever. :)

  2. LOL. Thanks Jen. It's a sure sign of a sick mind. ;)

  3. No, it's a sign of a mind that's expanding into its surrounding, and will outlive its embodied corporeal existence....


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