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Dropping Dark Matter

Dark matter is mysterious stuff. Scientists don't really know much about it at all, other than the fact that there seems to be a lot of it in the universe.

Thanks to a new analysis by physicists at Caltech and the University of Toronto, published this week in Physical Review Letters, we can expect that lumps of dark matter gravitationally attract each other in just the same way that lumps of normal matter (like you and the earth, for instance) attract each other. The researchers drew their conclusion by studying the distribution of stars in the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy (pictured here, courtesy of NASA's image archive) that orbits our Milky Way.

If dark matter experienced different forces from normal matter, it would change the relative amounts of stars kicked out ahead and behind the dwarf galaxy as a result of its interaction with our own galaxy. But the new study finds that the star distribution is just what we should expect if dark matter obeys the same gravitational laws as regular matter, to within an error of 10%. Future observations and improvements in our understanding of dark matter distributions should reduce the uncertainty to a few percent.

The analysis helps eliminate astrophysical models that explain the distribution of material in the universe by proposing exotic forms of gravitational interactions for dark matter. In addition, despite the fact that there is broad speculation regarding the true identity of dark matter and no guarantee that we will ever capture it or produce it in the lab, at least we now know how long it will take to reach the floor if a resident of a dark matter planet were to knock a bit of it off of a table.


  1. Dark matter acts to prevent galaxes from breaking apart despite their high speed spin that tries to scatter matter away. Such astronomical fact is mentioned in Quran "the book given by Allah "GOD" to his messenger Mohammad 1400 years ago. Do not be surprised even dark energy is mentioned in Quran as well. Why to wonder it is just a proof that the One who created this universe is the One who sent Quran to his slave and prophet. So please read Quran and I quarantee to you that you will find some thing regarding your field, no matter what is your profession. Now let me mention to you how dark matter and dark energy are mentioned.
    Sura "Chapter" 35. verse [41] It is Allah Who sustains the heavens and the earth, lest they cease (to function): and if they should fail, there is none - not one - can sustain them thereafter: verily He is Most Forbearing, Oft-Forgiving.

    Here the translator failed to give the full meaning because the word sustains is not a good match for "Yumsik" which means to hold. And the word cease and should fail he put for "tazula, zalata" which are actually one verb but one is in the present tense and the second is in the past tense which means to vanish or to move away from current position. The translater is trying to convene to us what he understands from the verse but what he understands reflects his level of knowledge. So I will try to put word by word translation so you will see the dark matter in this verse.
    " Verily, Allah holds the heavens and the earth lest they move away from their current position, and if they had moved away from their current position who holds them other than Allah."
    Here the movement of heaven and earth as a whole so it is not the apparent relative movement of the stars with respect to earth or the actual elliptical movement of earth around the sun because such phenomena is mentioned in another verse. So it is a global movement of the stars and earth as one unit which is to my understanding is the movement of stars and with them their planets around the center of the galaxy. So the black matter which is centered at the centre of our Galaxy is holding the stars from flying away. Allah is the One who created the black matter to balance such eccentric forces due to high speed of spin. If Allah did not create such balancing mechanism then stars will scatter into Universe and who other than Allah will put them back on their initial orbits. So All praise is due to Allah who created such a thing. Allah mentioned this phenomena in Quran because He knows that a time will come when people will acquire such knowledge. So try to understand the great attributes of God. He is also Most-Forbearing, He does not send punishment instantly on wrong doers but rather He gives them time to repent and He Oft-Forgiving because He rewards a lot for tiny acts of good deeds.

    Sura 51 verse [47] With power and skill did We construct the Firmament: for it is We Who create the vastness of Space.

    Here again I will put word for word translation to let you see the black energy is this verse. " An the heaven We did construct with "hands" and Verily We are expanding the vastness of the sky".
    The word "hands" is a metaphor in Arabic and it means lots of strength. Because an easy thing you can make with one hand a more difficult thing you need to engage both hands and for the extra difficult thing you need plenty of hands. And nothing can be difficult to Allah but it means that there are enormous energies in the outer space and these energies are embedded in different forms. In another verse Allah says "the creation of the skies and the earth is bigger than the creation of the people but most of the people do not know." In Arabic the word "Muse'oon" is used which literally means increasing the vastness but old arabs understood the metaphoric sense which means and we are capable of doing that or we have all the resources to do that. So Allah created the skies and the creation of the skies is not an easy task but Allah has the power and all the resources to do that. But now with greater knowledge at our hands we will allow ourselves to understand the literal meaning of "Muse'oon" which the physical sense of expanding space at higher rates. No matter in which direction you are looking into space you will see that the distance between galaxies is increasing. Allah is the One who created such a massive energy "black energy" that causes the universe to expand. Eventhough we don't see this energy but due its effect we know it exists. The same is true regarding the black matter. It does not emit any light due to it's high gravity so we do not see it but we see it's effect so we know it exists. Allah also no one can see him in this life but we see all these things around us as a proof that Allah exists and He is the creator of every thing, and we see reference to these scientific discoveries in Quran for us to know that Quran is from the Creator and is not man made.

    Written by Omar Musa:

    1. i am amazed by your reply and the way you represented the verses.
      I read the verse of Quran 67:3-4 where Allah tells us how gravitational lensing can be used to detect the presence of dark matter - no angle, no dark matter.
      After reading a lot of Arabic and new researches about Dark matter i have concluded that maybe Dark matter is nothing but the six other superimposed heavens mentioned in the Quran and what we see in the sky,the whole system and the galaxies that's the seventh heaven!
      Dark Matter has mass and gravity, so does galaxies so it means the dark matter has something like our galaxies and system! And Quran already tells us that universe has 7 heavens and only the heaven on which we live has visible light and the others don't and that very well explains why 95% of the universe consists of dark matter. I cant wait for science to prove that dark matter is nothing but invisible multiverse as mentioned in the Quran!


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